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Pari Hoon Main movie online and Pari Hoon Main movie download is a typical action drama and romantic movie. In the times where there is growing trend of reality shows featuring kids, Pari Hoon Main, succeeds in handling a sensitive topic with great care. Yes, it’s not a brilliant film but definitely worth a watch.

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Pari Hoon Main [Translation: I am a Fairy] is an Indian television series which premiered on 28 January 2008 on STAR One featuring Mohit Malik and Rashmi Desai. The series ended on 11 September 2008.
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This Pari Hoon Main Movie is Spoiler. It has only single plot twist. That this movie could have pulls off. They ruined this movie by trailer already. This feels like have seen almost every essential part. May they should’ve make the trailer of this movie as any of those typical romantic commercial movies with just a little scene of that these has anything to do with spirit instead. Audience already wanted to see this movie but watching the whole trailer feels like mesh. why to go for to the theater?

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Presenting The Official Trailer of Pari Hoon Main, Releasing On 7 September 2018 Pari Hoon Main is a story of Sajiri, a talented, bright and innocent girl who belongs to a middle-class Marathi movie. She, fortunately, gets an opportunity to spark at the young age which rejuvenates her family background. The story revolves around the family and connects with hearts. Starring: Shruti Nigde As Pari, Nandu Madhav, Devika Daftardar, Flora Saini Release Date: 7 September 2018 Directed by: Rohit Das Shilwant Produced by: Dr. Rajendra Pratap Singh & Mrs. Sheela Singh

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Story: Sajiri Dighe (Shruti Nigade), a young school girl, becomes a celebrity after she is cast as a lead in a Hindi TV show. But by the time her role in the series ends, she is a changed person and isn’t happy anymore.

Review: “Iski abhi struggle karneki umar nahi hai, na hi samajh. In sab mai iska bachpan kho Jayega,” says Janhavi (Flora Saini), Sajiri’s co-star from the TV show, to Sajiri’s father Madhav (Nandu Madhav). It sums up the theme of the movie beautifully, making you realise how fame is a double edged sword which has to be handled with care; more so for child actors.