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Iblis movie online and Iblis movie download is a typical action drama and romantic movie. Set in a village filled with some curious characters and stories of their peculiar lives, Iblis has Vysakhan (Asif Ali) as the film’s protagonist

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Iblis Movie Download

This Iblis Movie is Spoiler. It has only single plot twist. That this movie could have pulls off. They ruined this movie by trailer already. This feels like have seen almost every essential part. May they should’ve make the trailer of this movie as any of those typical romantic commercial movies with just a little scene of that these has anything to do with spirit instead. Audience already wanted to see this movie but watching the whole trailer feels like mesh. why to go for to the theater?

Team and Cast of Iblis Movie

Iblis Malayalam Movie Cast & Crew: Cast: Asif Ali & Madonna Sebastian Director: Rohit VS Cinematographer: Akhil George Script: Sameer Abdul Art Director: Jothis Shankar Music: Dawn Vincent Editor: Shameer Muhammed Makeup: RG Wayanadan Costumes: Jackie Lyrics: Manu Manjith Production Controller: Praveen B Menon Producer: Sreelekshmi R & Shankarraj R Executive Producer: Dileep Edapatta Banner: Ichais Productions LLP

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Iblis Movie Review

Went for Iblis with no much expectations, but to my surprise it was an unparalleled experience that i’ve ever had with a Malayalam movie. Iblis takes the viewer to a imaginary world of fantasy, joy and humour. In this day and age where so called masala movie rule the film industries, iblis is an awakening call for all those movie makers to bring back creativity to their cinemas, which was lost in Mollywood for sometime now. Iblis is a must watch for those who love sensible films.
With every other movie claiming to be offer something never seen before, here is one that actually stands out. A unique concept portrayed in an offbeat manner, the movie with its eccentric characters telling a story laced with colorful imagery, takes one into a world of fantasy.
Before you chuck it off into the realm of nonsense, stating nothing in the movie makes sense, give it a second thought. The subtleties of the movie could maybe offer a different take on life.