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Annanukku Jey movie online and Annanukku Jey movie download is a typical action drama and romantic movie. Despite the premise offering the opportunity to narrate this story as a gritty action drama, Rajkumar chooses to tell it in a lighter, satirical vein. Starcast: Dinesh, Mahima Nambiar

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Annanukku Jai is a 2018 Tamil political comedy satire film directed by Rajkumar, starring Dinesh and Mahima Nambiar in the leading roles.
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Annanukku Jey Movie Download

This Annanukku Jey Movie is Spoiler. It has only single plot twist. That this movie could have pulls off. They ruined this movie by trailer already. This feels like have seen almost every essential part. May they should’ve make the trailer of this movie as any of those typical romantic commercial movies with just a little scene of that these has anything to do with spirit instead. Audience already wanted to see this movie but watching the whole trailer feels like mesh. why to go for to the theater?

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AnnanukkuJey is a Tamil political comedy satire film directed by Rajkumar, starring Dinesh and Mahima Nambiar in the leading roles. Music composed by Arrol Corelli. AnnanukkuJey Tamil Movie Crew: Starcast: Dinesh, Mahima Nambiar Producer : Vetrimaaran Directior : Rajkumar Music : Arrol Corelli DOP : Vishnu Rangasamy Editor : G.B. Venkatesh Banner : Fox Star Studios & Grassroot Film Company Audio Label : Think Music

Annanukku Jey Movie Review

Annanukku Jey is refreshingly low-key. That seems just perfect because the film deals with the conflicts between people in the lower rungs of politics.

The setting is a mofussil locality – Mullai Nagar – where Matta Sekar (Dinesh, who gives his best performance since Attakathi) helps out his toddy seller dad Murugesan (Mayilsamy, who, for a change, gets to play a character instead of a comedian).

The initial portions revolve around him wooing (with a little bit of stalking) Sundari (Mahima Nambiar). The plot kicks in when Irumbukkai Selva (Dheena), a functionary in the dominant party of the place, starts operating a bar.

With the locals preferring Murugesan’s toddy, he decides to use his political clout to run the guy out of business. Sekar realises that he needs political backing to survive and seeks the help of Parasuraman (Radha Ravi, in yet another effortlessly casual performance), a senior functionary in the same party. This angers Selva, who destroys Murugesan’s toddy shop.